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Touch Tone Payphone

Started by FABphones, July 12, 2020, 02:55:25 PM

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Could someone please throw some info on this phone.

What it is, who might have made it, what does the BH-# reference?
...and curiously (to me) why are calls limited to 15 minutes? And why a 15 minute interval period between calls?

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Telephone is an AE pattern but could have been built by others


I believe these are called quadrum sets.
Using AE Innards or protel.



What would be the reason to set limits on calls and interval times?

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Jim Stettler

Quote from: Pourme on July 13, 2020, 04:13:54 AM

What would be the reason to set limits on calls and interval times?
In a high use area, but not high use enough to add another payphone (they may not have enough conductors for another payphone) . The 15 minutes between call is probably based the number dialed
Just a guess,
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SO is anyone else still working with Protel payphone boards??


In general, to allow other users an opportunity to make a call.

I used Protel mostly because they were line powered, meaning no AC needed except for booth lighting.
There seemed an issue with sub 48 volt idle line voltage would cause premature failure of COCOT internal battery packs.
They did not fully charge properly over time.

Because copper landlines are dropping for cellphones or internet packet switching, I am working on coin over VoIP.

I haven't seen "Calling Cards" for years.  Which also killed alot of coin profit.  Stores you now buy minutes for burner cellphones.


I noticed phone has coin slot covered.  Set probably is not programmed for rates,etc.

"Phone Installer" here as a computer setup to program most Protel to at least get you working.
He may also have the clip to secure your armored handset cord before the wires break.

Bob S

Jim Engle Payphone installer does I have a few that are programmed. my self. Would like to finish program display on my Ascension.

First step is go on hook and press program button (on main board) while holding the button down come off hook wait for a beep in the handset. One beep. Release the program button.

Enter the payphones number at this point on the keypad. Do not dial one. Only area code, exchange and number. You must use this number Dial 00  555-555-5555 *(star) single beep might  repeat its phone number back to you  as any other phone number will not work. I have created this test number for collectors and it will work anywhere.

Now dial 25 and dial 1 888 213 1795 then * (star) on the keypad, you should get a single beep, more then one beep is a failure, repeat the step.

Now dial *#3 on the keypad (star pound three on the pad) the phone should repeat its phone number back to you which is 555-555-5555 then it will call and connect to my PC and expressnet will give you a download. You will probably hear it connect and hear data bursts in the receiver. Hang the phone up. Download could take several minutes. If you go off hook and still hear data just hang up again and wait. (I seem to recall downloads potentially taking up to 20 minutes - Terry)

When you have dial tone on the phone again dial *#6 and it should give you the date and time of your download, if it does not, download was not complete of failed. Things that will cause a failure are dead batteries, or batteries not connected. Wrong firmware. Wrong phone number. Bad board. Bad keypad.