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Non dial WE302 & WE 300K magneto wiring

Started by Nessie, September 18, 2019, 10:23:23 AM

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How do you wire a non dial 302 to a WE 300K magneto to use as an intercom to another magneto phone?  Thanks.


You gotcha a problem there.
Unless that wood is a CB phone, you cannot directly connect those together for comm use.
You will need an isolation transformer, and separate power supplies for each phone.
A search shud produce a couple options.
Good luck!


Quote from: Nessie on September 18, 2019, 10:23:23 AM
How do you wire a non dial 302 to a WE 300K magneto to use as an intercom to another magneto phone?  Thanks.

Check the mounting code on the phone. It's probably not a 302, but more likely a 250 (mounting code AA1), which was designed to be wired to a subset in the same manner as a B or D Mounting. Find info in the BSPs and wiring info in the TCI Library.

There are several forum topics discussing wiring two local battery phones together, including:
Visit:         WE  500  Design_Line



It will work if wired like a 202 set.I think the 302 type set with no ind coil for magnito use was an aa1?.


From Ralph meyers book page 124:
Handset Desk Stand with a Ringer Box The wiring diagram for a Western Electric non-dial handset desk stand with a local-battery ringer box is shown in Fig. 15-10. As drawn, this diagram depicts any of the mountings for the E1 handset (e.g., Figs. 11-8 and 11-17) with a No. 315 ringer box. The ringer box portion of Fig. 15-10 shows the simpler shunt switch arrangement of the small Western Electric 3-bar magneto, and the wiring does not have the COND condenser terminal. Otherwise, this portion of the figure is identical to Fig. 15-9, and the handset desk stand can obviously be used with either the No. 300 or 315 ringer box.

The book is avalable here:

We are probably pretty close to your phone and ringer-box.  The phone (302?) will be as in the drawing.  If your coil ar sidetone or not, the wiring will be pretty equal.