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MS108 PABX for sale

Started by ringman, February 05, 2023, 12:12:43 PM

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I ordered one of those generic PABX units off AliExpress while planning to put touch tone phones around the house for the kiddos. Then fell into the rotary rabbit hole here, found a Panasonic 616 and got a bunch of rotary phones instead :)

I still have this DTMF PABX, unopened & sealed in the original plastic bag. If anyone is curious to play with one of these, let me know. I'm happy to unwrap it and verify that it works before shipping if you like, because that's probably more important to you than intact plastic wrap.

Excelltel MS108

It doesn't support pulse dialing, but has pretty extensive configuration options. Here's a similar manual to the one included, if you want to check out config options:

Just looking to defray the original purchase price ($74.14) shipped and cover the shipping to you.

Asking $20 (OBO) + shipping.