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Candlestick type intercom

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I saw this pair of candlesticks for sale, obviously wired together as intercom? Instead of a hookswitch there seems to be a press to talk button.
Does anybody know what it actually is? A voice powered intercom? Or is one thing the receiver and the other the transmitter? But how to use it? Lots of questions.

Jack Ryan:
They are microphones, not telephones.

Used anywhere a microphone was needed such as for radio or public address.

Some microphones have the PTT button on the other side and are sometimes used to create the illusive and very rare left handed telephones.


Thanks Jack, that makes sense!

But why would two microphones be wired together?

Those Kellogg microphones are ex military. Might be marked T-32 .Used on base station radio transmitters such as air traffic . I have one still sealed in the wax covered box from WWll.I have seen an AE in the same configuration. Most likely has a MFP (moisture and fungus proofed) and a SC (signal corps acceptance) stamps.


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