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Who wants to be on C*NET?

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I got my C*net line connected the other day with the help of Shane Young. C*net stands for collector's net, and is a private (not public phone network) voip phone network. It's free and you can call any other c*net number, and there are no area codes because it is just 7 digit dialing. I connected it as a line on the pbx. Shane Young helped me get set up with the ATA, which is the device that plugs into the PBX and acts like a small central office. Mine also supports pulse dialing. A lot of c*net numbers are connected to old step switches and PBX.

If you want to call any c*net number and you're not on c*net, you can use one of these portal numbers from a normal phone:

+1 (206) 203-6610    Country Code + Number
+1 (206) 203-7640   
+1 (515) 949-1232    Speech Recognition: Say country code and number
+1 (800) 953-4065     (with this one you need to dial 1+ the 7 digit number
+1 (952) 652-7000    Country Code + Number

My c*net number is 821-9952, and anybody can call it if they want and I'll talk if I'm not busy or in the bathroom (Surprisingly I don't have phones in there. :D :D) although don't call at 3 in the morning (Pacific Time).  ;D ;D

C*net is pretty cool and there's more information here:

This is my ATA. One port plugs into the router to the internet and the phone port connects to the PBX, although you can also just plug a phone straight into it if you want. It is a Motorola vt1005.

Nobody has C*NET?

Not yet, I was hoping you'd show me how.  I e-mailed you.

Greg G.:
Kinda ironic, but I get more info via this type of medium than I do talking on the phone.

You may call me at  +47 2 21 62 40  please not later than 10 p.m. Norwegian time.



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