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Xlink My experince after some months of using it.

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Xlink emulates a POTS line, understanding both tone and pulse dialing.  :D
You use ordinary mobile phone with Bluetooth connection to the X-link, you phone rings as usual :D, you may dial out as usual  :D and hopefully you may have a conversation with some echo without any great problems  :-\  about every third
conversation breaks in the start, sometimes you will get a loud hum or howling. >:(  all this is depending of locating the mobile within 2 meters (6 feet) of the unit.
If the mobile is more remote you get more trouble.

Conclusion so far; I have probably wasted some money, and should have got my selves a 2500 set instead.   ???

The next test I will do; is using it as a skype-box.  
It has a few functions I miss on  my other skype adapter.  It understands pulse dialling, and you do not have to end dialing with a #.


Greg G.:
Funny you should mention the Xlink after using it a while.  I've been using mine for a few months also.  The theory behind it is great, but in practice, not so great.

I had my Xlink line going in to my PBX, which worked just as ok as with a single phone plugged directly into the Xlink.  The audio quality was only ok (most of the time).  There were times when the audio was awful on my end, but the other end could hear me fine.  If my cell was more than a foot or two away from the Xlink, I got a "rain on a tin roof" sound.  There was hesitation when I picked up the phone, I got in the habit of picking up and then waiting a couple of seconds before I said anything.  

My cell phone network lately has gone to crap for no reason at all.  It only gives me emergency use, and T-Mobile's "customer care" is a joke.  Even though I don't make or get many calls, it was still frustrating being w/o phone service, so I signed up for a POTS line.  Now that I'm getting great audio quality and service reliability, I can't go back to relying on the Xlink to use with my rotary phones.

My overall conclusion - Xlink is a novelty, not really meant for serious rotary phone use.  It will do if your land-line, be it POTS or or cable, doesn't support rotary use, but even then, if I were in that situation, I would invest in a pulse-to-tone converter rather than rely on the Xlink.

Now I have tested it as a skype box. Comaired to my USB telbox, the sound is better :D but quite often the adapter does not disconnect when I do  >:(
Another snag is: The skype status is fixed as on-line, not that important, .... 8) :'(

So the conclusion so far is, this was waste of money!  :'(

I have to keep on using my mobile on the holidays.   :(


 ;D New software downloaded, and its working well as a bridge to my mobile. It even reeds quite untuned rotary dials. (parameters had to be adjusted, but now it accepts all my dials.)

 >:( Skype application doesent work anymore.

On the other hand who cares, Skype are telephony, its something on its own.   :(


Here you may see my recent communication with the X-Link Support:

Hi Dag
Thanks for the info. I did not know that.  Strange.

Anyways that us very easy for us to add and we will do it as soon as somebody needs it and can test it for us.

So please let all your friends know to buy one!


On Thursday, June 21, 2012, Dag S Karlsen wrote:

    Thank you for the quick feedback, The special dials are kind of reversed. New Zealand (and Oslo, Norway) use a dial with 1 pulse= 9, 2pulses=8, 3=7....9=1 and 10 pulses are 0 as normal. The Swedish dials are even more difficult : 1 pulse=0, 2=1, 3=2...

    Happily for me, I live outside Oslo, and we use a std. dial. The  Xlink are working fine now.
    If you are making any changes in the software please tell me, and I will tell my friends exactly what i think about it.  ;) winking

    Best regards

    Dag S Karlsen

    Hi Dag,

    I think all the rotary dialing numbers can be changed manually to any settings you want.....

    Do you have the numbers for the countries you mentioned - perhaps i can add or update the configuration settings....


    On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 1:46 AM, <> wrote:

        Thanks for contacting Xtreme Technologies. Someone will reply to your email shortly

        name: Dag S Karlsen
        phone: +4790893011

        After years of not beeing able to get X-link BT having a good enough sound quality, your last software made it. Thank You!

        Please make it possible to receive notifications about major upgrades.

        As a collector of older phones the parameters for setting up the details around rotary pulse lengths are brilliant.  For those who are not familar with such setup I will suggest you to set the default to accept the widest range of un-accurate pulsing not making conflikts with flash etc. It looks like the US standards work well in most countries. (default)

        Only one set of parameters are missing, the rotary dial configuration for normal dial vs Swedish vs New Zealand standards.

        (This may be solved by using a Dialgizmo together with the Xlink.)

        Dag S Karlsen

    Xtreme Support


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