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I could not resist when I spotted this! I thought it was very unusual, appears to be a Connecticut phone like the TP-6A with a speaker instead of a dial. Can't wait to open it up!

I wonder of the same company came out with a "Terry-Vision", or would that just be terry-bul? :D

Looks interesting for sure, that switch looks like it's missing it's retaining nut, but they're easy to come by for replacements I'm sure... :)

That is a totally awesome phone.  This is what phone collecting is all about to me.  Anyone can find old Western Electric early phones, or other popular brands, even if they command a fortune to buy, but this is a very rare and a unique phone that you just cannot go out and acquire when you want to.  This is the kind of stuff I love and look for.  Great find.


That is a very interesting phone.
We have a Terryphone system at work which we still use. It is very old, 1960s vintage.  The amplifier is based on a Bogen PA amp with some added relays for paging.  Our phones are based on AE 80s with ITT G type handsets and a speaker  in the dial area.
To page on these you press a thumb button by the earpiece.
There is nothing inside the phone but a speaker, relay, transformer, neon light, a microswitch and a weight.
Here is a more modern version.

I wonder if the old one is compatable with a newer system.
I would love to have an old one like that on my desk just to be different.


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