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Converting a NE/WE Type 233-H Coin Collector to a standard but heavy Wall Phone

Started by Ktownphoneco, March 12, 2019, 07:28:49 PM

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Hi all   ......     I recently converted a N.E. type 233-H coin collector to a standard non coin operated wall telephone for a friend of mine.    I was working from an old hand drawn schematic drawn quite a few years ago by another collector who has since passed away.       I decided afterwards, to redraw the schematic using my desk top PC.     The schematic is attached for anyone interested in having a copy.   I'm not advocating anyone do this, but what I did aside from rewiring the payphone, was remove some of the factory components to provide more space.     I removed the wires from the upper coin mechanism, removed the coin relay and the coin trap.    It was requested that any coins dropped into any of the 3 coin slots on top of the upper housing, drop into the coin vault, so I used a nylon tie to anchor the coin vain so that it directed coins to the coin vault.    The coin trigger comes off with the coin relay, but the coin trap needs to be remove manually once the relay is out of the way.   That involves removing the special retainer spring, trap and trap lever spring.     Ringer installation is one of those try and find a ringer that fits somewhere situations.   

Any questions, please ask.

Jeff Lamb






Thanks Jeff. I could definetly use this. I am in the process of wiring my Dolphins payphone. I have removed all the coin phone stuff and am wiring it as a 500. I was stuck on the dial but now you have made it clear.

EDIT - Since I no longer have the payphone contacts in the phone and I am using a 425 network it is not clear. I have restarted my topic in WE payphones to figure out my dial wiring.
Harry Smith
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