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REN booster DIY

Started by dsk, August 10, 2019, 10:31:01 AM

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Since I am containing it all in the pictured phone, along with an Obi200, RotaTone, and the Ring Booster,  2 or 3 wire wiring is no issue.  This is to be a POE  (Power over Ethernet)  Google Voice Phone that gets all power and and network from a single connection.
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I bought two years ago, neither worked. Not sure why, but I have heard they work well as long as you don't run too many ringers..


This is not only useful as a ring booster, but one could use ring generators of other frequencies , say 25Hz or 16Hz to ring party line phones or non 20hz ringers. You could even use the custom frequency on a divided ringer setup  with three conductors to the phone.
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Since you depend on POE, maybe a powerdsine voltage regulator and a large capacitor could be a good idea. Those are available with several frequencies

Interesting to see how it turns out  :)


Quote from: dsk on January 29, 2021, 08:34:30 AM
Since you depend on POE, maybe a powerdsine voltage regulator and a large capacitor could be a good idea. Those are available with several frequencies

That's a good price.

I've purchased a half dozen or so over the years and found it's best to order several and pay only one shipping fee. They used to sell these with wire leads but I do believe they sold out of those months ago and only these PC Board types are available. All of mine have worked well.

Have always been amazed at how long they ring a phone with two A23 12VDC batteries in parallel. Great for testing ringers.


Not sure which way I will go on the POE yet as that is nearly the last step.

Options for POE

802.3at Type 2 "PoE+"  will give me up to 2A at 12V if I use this standard with an adapter like this at the phone end


Otherwise I can use a "Poor Mans POE" modified to send 24V down the line with a 12V buck converter at the end of the line

In either case the 12V output is already regulated and in either case most probably by a buck converter. I had however already thought of a big fat electrolytic to avoid voltage swings especially when ringiing.
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In the basement I have several phones on the same line on my old sxs and when the REN load is to high the exchange rings once and the ring current is big enough to detect off line current, so it fails wit 3 phones ore more than about 4 REN. So i did put in 3 wire ringing circuit as in the old days in some systems and used the circuit mentioned before.  I could cut the wire pointed at with the red arrow, but it works with no change so why do it.


Now I have tested out this as a 2 wire solution, and when the load is that high that the excange believes you go off hook at once, this solution does not help, but the 3 wire solution works.