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My Telephone Collection / Re: Zombie Dave's new addiction.
« Last post by Zombie Dave on Today at 09:38:25 AM »
I'm really enjoying it. To me it has a lighter ring compared to a 500 and hopefully the ringer is original or what it would have been replaced with.  I started this *coughaddictioncough* collection with simply wanting an old rotary phone that I could use. Just one phone. Had no desire to collect them....until I saw a video on youtube. From that and the fact there is actually a forum and other people that collect them turned me into a collector.

I've been into countless hobbies and collected numerous items. Some I've physically been able to use and enjoyed while others ended up on a shelf.

I really enjoy being able to use and making calls and hearing them ring. The ring part is usually just one person calling and that's my wife so I wish that would happen more often. I'ts an enjoyable none the less.
General Discussion / Re: Phones to stay away from?
« Last post by Zombie Dave on Today at 09:24:48 AM »
Thank you for the replies. I'm still in that learning stage ( I'm sure I always will be though ) and was reading and came across a thread that mentioned something along a phone that wouldn't work and I wanted to read more into it. I couldn't find the post so thought I'd ask the question.
All Other Pay Telephones / Re: Tele-Creations Pay Phone
« Last post by Sigmaz on Today at 09:16:41 AM »
There is a local CL seller with one similar to this one.
When I see the ad I snicker and then move on.

It's nice to see the inside of one though.

General Discussion / Re: the paypal scam
« Last post by RB on Today at 09:04:49 AM »
I have an account just for online purchases.
It never has money in it, unless  I am gonna buy something.
Then I remove any extra after I am done.
Gratefully, I have not had a problem.
General Discussion / Re: the paypal scam
« Last post by twocvbloke on Today at 08:02:30 AM »
Remember that any official messages received from companies will name you in the message, anything that says "Dear customer" or something along those lines, it's usually spam or a phishing attempt...
I have indeed seen the white haze Teleplay talks about. It's interesting because it only happened during some restorations but not during others using the same technique. From my observations it only seems to appear once the meths has been added to the mixture, So I suspect it may be something in the meths reacting with either the plastic or the acetone. I'm planning to experiment with something else to cut the acetone. Simple water might even do it.

I think the polishing technique also has something to do with the haze. I certainly didn't experience it while restoring the phone in my video, but I got quite a bad haze on a dark blue phone I'm currently working on. I thought it was something contaminating the surface rather than part of the plastic itself. I could be wrong though. I'll report back when I've tried a few things.
Auction Talk / Re: Upgraded my AE40
« Last post by Pourme on Today at 06:47:21 AM »
Nice "Exit" phone!

Things that make you go Hmmmm.......
Auction Talk / Re: Upgraded my AE40
« Last post by Pourme on Today at 06:46:09 AM »
Nice phone Benny.

Thanks, Gary....
General Discussion / Re: the paypal scam
« Last post by FabPhones on Today at 06:18:48 AM »
Sorry to read that. Hope you get it sorted ok.

Taking this thread to give another reminder, although most of us know it by now: never reply or click on links via 'their' emails. Always contact paypal, eBay, banks etc directly. Another scam is one similar to the one above were it says account has been accessed but actually it's just to get you to click on the link and give your passwords and info out via bogus eBay/paypal/bank 'lookalike' sites.

And remember to regularly change your passwords.

Stay safe folks.
General Discussion / the paypal scam
« Last post by Babybearjs on Today at 05:15:27 AM »
well... this is where I draw the line with technology.... I recently got a security email from Paypal notifying my of some unauthorized charges.... a scammer managed to get into my account and try to charge multiple charges and paypal notified me of it only to find out one of the charges went through....$300 to be exact.... and my account was over drawn even..... so now I have to call paypalů and my bank.... find out what is happening and try to stop it. I was watch a youtube video about paypal and the person mentioned that its good to have a dedicated account JUST for Paypalů. a lot of fraud is going through them and I'm only 1 of many who get hit.... so.... If I do have to close the paypal account, Ebay will be the next inline to get the Ax.... this is why I hate technology... too many people out there try to steal money through banking if you sell on ebay, and use Paypal on a regular basis BEWARE!!! PayPal in NOT SECURE! scammers are all over it like bees on honey... man, am I mad! anyway... I might be going back to a cash only system..... and not shopping online anymore.... but, time will tell.... if this gets fixed right away or screws up my finances good...which its already done! so, be careful out there...   
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