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ebaY Quirks, Complaints and Chatter / Re: Take THAT, Opa Locka!!
« Last post by Babybearjs on Today at 08:09:14 PM »
I had that happen to me. something was sent out of California, and it went to Alaska before it showed up here... based on what you showed here, the stupid seller MISMARKED the box... to have your order go astray like that is sad....
Phone Booths / Re: Can you ID this enclosure?
« Last post by Duffy on Today at 07:53:21 PM »
Looks good, looks like the real deal to me.
HT 502 question:  Will a used one from Ebay (with power supply) be plug and play to connect a rotary phone to my Comcast cable gateway?   Or will I need to do some configuring using a PC?

I haven't been using my old rotarys on the outside line, but this looks like a cheap, easy solution.  I do have a Panasonic 616 that I use for internal phone use, but I thought the HT 502 would be an easy connect to the outside line.....  Thanks for any "tech support"!!

You will need to configure the HT502 for your BYOD provider or IP PBX via the PC, you also will likely want to turn off the inbuilt router. You will have to connect your PC to the LAN side long enough to login (via, go to basic settings (default password for user mode is 123), turn off the NAT router, update, and reboot. After that you can re-connect your PC as normal and can do the rest of the setup (via the IP assigned to it, either find under "connected devices" on your Xfinity router or via touch tone (I suggest a phone with a polarity guard) phone by dialing *** followed by 02 to get the address from the IVR.

As far as the 616 is concerned, as long as the output is 10PPS or DTMF it will work with the HT502, just be careful as the HT502 does have a tip/ring reversal.
ebaY Quirks, Complaints and Chatter / Re: Take THAT, Opa Locka!!
« Last post by TelePlay on Today at 05:57:38 PM »
Funny story.

Well, that's been done before by Neil Simon, first the play in 1991 and the movie in 1993 . . .  ::)

Seriously, I can just picture the box falling off of a cart on the post office or on the tarmac and some idjit picking it up an throwing it on the next cart going by - the stuff going to PR.

Reminds me of the time I flew back from Toronto to Milwaukee and my luggage went to Hawaii. The airline did not give me a round trip ticket to go get it, darn. Luggage had a good time.

Now, had they thrown on the cart to OPA LOCKA, you might already have it since they've improved there pass through rate at less than a day.

Well, this is certainly a new one on me. John, I doubt one of your ever-doomed USPS shipments can top this.

I bought a phone on eBay from New York. The seller sent it via Priority Mail, and when the tracking info showed up, it was expected to be here Friday. Well, it never showed up. Today is Saturday, and after being labeled as "in transit to destination, Waukesha, WI" for three days, it finally made it to the "destination"...

...San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Well, no wonder the travel took so long; USPS didn't send it from an upper East Coast city to an upper Midwestern city, they decided to go the whole nine yards and take it out of the Continental United States!!

At least the phone is getting an all-expenses-paid trip to a sunny, beautiful tropical island. I don't think the Postal Service would do that for me...
Phone Booths / Re: Can you ID this enclosure?
« Last post by Sigmaz on Today at 04:57:12 PM »
Here we are in blue using helvetica.
Do you guys think this would pass?
Of course they can be picked off and the plastic is more brittle but for a collector repop itís probably ok right?

Thanks, didn't know about the sub-contractor aspect and agree on the rest.
Telephone Troubleshooting and Repair / Re: Wiring 50AL Candlestick
« Last post by poplar1 on Today at 03:40:24 PM »

What was the purpose of the optional varistor in the subset? What did it do or when was it needed?

I would have to look for the BSP, but I am guessing it is shown for a head receiver, such as on a 52AB desk stand. It reduces the clicks (voltage spikes) in the receiver. All 500 sets are equipped with a varistor on the back of the U1/U3 receiver unit.
On a side note, government contractors aren't paid, since we can't work (we don't have a valid charge number to use and can't access the facilities), we don't get paid for the time off, unless we take vacation.

The civil servants historically end up getting paid for their time off, but not us...  BTW, Congress Critters do get paid during the furlough - you know if they didn't, I bet it would get solved very quickly.

During the furlough, government systems are off-limits (no email, no phones).  Now if we could impose that rule on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Capitol Hill, we might get a few quiet days without any tweets (which would just flummox the media, whatever side they're on!)...

That's all for my "political" rants (hopefully) for the year...

Paul -

As long as the HT-502 isn't locked to a carrier and has the generic firmware, it should work.

If you are connecting it to one of the outgoing lines on the 616, then any ATA should work, as I believe the 616 converts all pulse to tone on the outgoing lines.

I've received a new HT-802 (unlocked), but haven't gotten it hooked up, as my internet at home is down, and I'm stuck with checking things on the guest network at work...

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