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Factory installed line chords.

Started by Lee David Day, December 04, 2016, 05:09:27 PM

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Lee David Day

I have a pink 500, with a matching pink chord. Originally there were spade lugs on both ends, one end
wired inside the phone and the other in a little box on the wall. The chord has three wires, red, yellow
and green. I want to put a jack on the outside end, but the wires are too "fat" for the RS 6 pin wall jacks
I got from RS. What can I do?
Dave Day


First, welcome to the forum.

Now, about your question. Have you considered using one of these, or something similar?

They are available from various sources and in a range of prices. This one is shown for example only (shows it open).

Another source for that one:

There is another small, square surface jack adapter which requires you to provide a modular cord from the adapter to the wall jack. Works well in that you can put the surface jack below the phone within the original line cord length and then run as much modular line cord you need to run from the surface jack to the existing wall jack.


Do you mean that the cord is too fat for the surface mount wall jack?  If that is the case, a 7/32" round file commonly used for sharpening chainsaws may help make the opening wider.  I have done that at least once.


I think he means that the individual conductors in the line cord are too fat to slip onto the end of an RJ-11 crimp-on plug, which is true.
-Bill G


It can be done, but the perpetrator should be 20 points north of "real handy" to do it, and have the right tools.     Best to go with John's advise on the conversion jacks.    They work well, and are relatively easy to acquire.

Jeff Lamb


You're just showing off now, Jeff.....

Panasonic 308/616 Magicjack service

Jim Stettler

There are different  modular ends for flat cable vs round cable ( cable opening is different). There are also different tends for stranded wire vs solid wire (the wire end on the contact is different).

The best way IMHO is to use the surface jack method, It's cheap, easy, readily available, reversable, and reusable.

You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.



Welcome David, you may have noticed, we like pictures. Even if you don't need to show the phone to describe your issue, we like to see your phones. I've been using John's choice "B" because it's cheep, easy & works well. But Jeff, I have some cords people have chopped off & like your Method of putting an RJ-11 plug on. any insight, since you stated it's not easy, would be helpful! 

Lee David Day

If this is the wrong place for this kind of back and forth about phones, please let
me know. I am from the Boston area. Total novice at computers and phones.

To Bill G at Phonesrfun; Yes, exactly what I was trying to say. The little wires inside the chord are too
fat for the RS jack. The newer wires go right in and are easy to crimp.

And to Jeff at Ktownphoneco; I thought I might be at that "20th" level. That pink wire looked so good, but
after I pitched a few jacks in the trash I gave up. Maybe someday you'll let me in on the secret.