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Single slot rotary dial-card access

Started by bitbucket, May 26, 2020, 04:24:46 PM

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How do you access the dial card in a single slot rotary. There's a pin hole in the dial but, not surprisingly, that appears to be cosmetic. Photo attached for reference.


I found another post that mentions using a .050 allen wrench to remove the fingerwheel. There is a little set screw in there that I can move back and forth with the Allen wrench but moving it all the way in just binds the fingerwheel. Moving it back out unbinds it. At no point does the fingerwheel feel like it wants to pop off.


You need to turn it as though tightening a screw. Just don't over do it. Then turn the finger wheel clock wise to remove. Then reverse the process to put it back.
Either way don't over do with the screw. Or you could break the finger wheel.