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I have Problems with my Centurion Payphone 400

Started by TeleDK, August 08, 2020, 10:48:00 AM

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Can someone help me with my Northern Telecom Payphone Centurion 400
with a classic coin relay.

The problems what I have is I do not hear any dialtone on
the handset and the microphone also is not working
if I put a analog line to Tip and Ring connections.

I checkt the telephone network with the handset, I think this is OK.

My other problem is on the coin signal PCB there is one diode, they get
Very hot.
The PCB is the P0535660

I think it could be that the PCB has an fault.
Is someone able to send me the circuit from the PCB? Can someone tell me something to the hot diode?

Thank you for your help!