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I often wonder if anyone bought a AT&T payphone plus from Paul Vaverchack

Started by Key2871, March 14, 2021, 06:25:12 PM

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I've been reading all the payphone posts here for a couple years. And got me to wondering if anyone ever got one of the AT&T payphone plus sets Paul had that would just work as a standard phone with no ring?

After he sold me a set, I had set out to have it programmed but after I did it screwed up, a programming glitch or what ever. But after that I set about changing it to remain the same looking set inside but the boards in the chassis were removed and the items I put in to make it work as a regular set, and tbe dial was also changed, but it too looked the exact same if it looked at it removed from the set.

I think I did about a dozen for him in exchange for parts I needed.
So have any one of you ever come across one of those in your travels? The thing is the chassis would need to be removed and opened up as well as the dial unit to see the changes I did.

But it didn't need power and it only worked as a standard phone with no ring.
I even had made a few, well about five from what I remember extension cords to connect the upper with the lower, much like Bell had for the A, B, And D sets.
That had the 11 pin AMP plug from the upper to the lower for those who didn't have the cover parking tool.

I'm just curious to see if any are still around.