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EBAY Cautions

Started by Babybearjs, February 09, 2021, 08:33:20 PM

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just to let everyone know, be careful when buying stuff on EBAY,,,, especially from China.... I ordered some computer parts from sellers in China, and they were sent, but have gotten lost in customs somewhere.... I have a purchase from November thats still pending..... thank goodness they are low priced purchases, so I'm not really worried, but frustrated in the delay.... and the tracking has dropped off too! most likely the items are stuck in a shipping contaner somewhere and still awaiting unpacking!  so frustating!


I don't buy anything being shipped from China.
I think it's all a scam.


yeah... and now its even worse....

Jack Ryan

Sometimes things go wrong but a general warning about eBay or China is ridiculous.

I get stuff from China through eBay, Wish and others - it gets here faster than stuff from the US and they seem to have very good tracking. Stuff from the US gets held up in US customs or at a port waiting to be air lifted out of the country - sometimes for weeks.

Given the pandemic, the delivery times from China are pretty good at around 15 days.

Perhaps your stuff is stuck in US customs or at a US port.


Kenton K

This feels like a warning agains shipping in general, especially during a pandemic. I dont thibk china has anything to do with it. More like problems with internal us customs. Ive bought many things from china, japan, europe off ebay, aliexpress, and other websites. Its fairly similar experiance.


The shipping time China --> Europe usually is around 4-5 weeks. Every item I ordered arrived so far. The tracking often says that it left China in a couple of days, my impression also is that the customs handling at the destination can be time consuming.
The only problem is, if you don't like the item or it is not what you thought it would be, you can't just send it back.


I had some eBay bits from China recently that took 65 days to arrive here in the UK, but then I was warned of that when I bought. According to the tracking they were shipped fast enough but they then went by land via Kazakhstan and Russia. Once they arrived in this country there was then about 20 day's delay before I got them - customs I assume?
I actually felt bad that I couldn't leave any feedback for the seller as after 60 days that opportunity closes.
I think I've only had one Chinese eBay item never arrive, and eBay refunded me for that without question so I certainly don't get concerned about it.


 :D well, at least I'm not alone in this problem.... I hope it inproves this year, but am cautious about the outcome....

Jack Ryan

Quote from: Babybearjs on February 10, 2021, 04:31:45 AM
:D well, at least I'm not alone in this problem....

How is that? No one else seems to be having any particular problem.

Does this warning come from one package that has gone astray?
Do you know from tracking information where it is stuck?
Did you pay for tracking?




When I order from China on EBAY it's usually things I don't need by a deadline, LED light strips (I buy extra and stock them), I have some of those solderless connectors on order now. You have to know what to buy from there and what to avoid, kinda like Harbor Freight.  A friend was forced to order a part for his wife's VOLVO he could only get from China. He had to park the car for nearly two months, waiting.

So far it seems to be about the same as it has always been for me.

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I try NOT to buy things made in China, as buying foreign-made instead of American-made causes us Americans to lose jobs.  I am not interested in helping China create jobs.


A lot of the stuff that most people order directly isn't even manufactured outside China, so buying locally may help the dealer but no domestic manufacturer.


yeah, I understand that.... its the computer parts that get me.... I recycle old computers and at times have to order parts that seem only to be available from Asia. its maddening that these parts aren't local...