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Siemens & Halske "butterstamp" type receiver went high

Started by countryman, August 08, 2022, 07:46:19 AM

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Auction link:

I've never seen a German item go that high...
This type of receiver apparently was used on the earliest German LB phone, the Model (18)81. All later models used receivers with a sideways handle or handsets. It does not even have a common name in German, so that the seller used the English term.


Yeah, I'd say that's a little more then pocket change.


Supply (might be the only one in existence or available) and demand (at least 2 wanting it) at work.


The same item is at auction again:
Apparently something went wrong, or?


Last time bidding started at €1, this relist has a start price of €2500.

Additional listing photos attached.
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