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The CRPF "Bad Packing" awards

Started by Dan, March 01, 2009, 04:54:43 PM

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I see a complete GPO handset on ebay UK now, currently at £1.45, but I would expect that even if I would win with a bid like that, shipping to the USA would be £50, or something outrageous like that.

The bashed in side of the shell might not be completely terrible as long as the handset remains in the cradle since the worst damage was done where the spitcup hit it, so it would be mostly hidden..  The spitcup itself, amazingly remained in nearly perfect condition.  The ugliest wound would be the top of the handset which has chunks broken out of it.

I am awaiting a reply from the seller.

This seller sells mostly old coins.  I should have bought a phone from someone who sells mostly crystal glassware :)


Dave F

I'm so sorry to see your sad pictures, and to learn that you have joined those of us who have found ourselves in this same infuriating position.

For what it's worth (and sometimes it's not worth much), here is what I send (with appropriate variations as the situation requires) to all my sellers:

Hi ____ .  Before I pay you for this nice ____ , I want to say something important about packing: The housing of this old phone is really very fragile, and it can easily be broken if not packed well. I have had similar nice phones ruined in the past when the sellers didn't pack them well.  PLEASE use MULTIPLE LAYERS of bubble wrap (NOT crumbled up paper), and wrap the handset separately so it can't rattle around and bang into the rest of the phone.  Also, please use a box that is large enough to absorb the abuse it will get from the P.O. without hurting the contents, and fill any void spaces with additional packing material to keep things from rattling around.  I will wait to hear back from you before paying so that I know you have received this important message.  This is a really nice phone and I will be happy to add it to my collection.  Thank you for the auction.  Dave F.

This is my contribution to the effort of educating Bozo sellers and thereby possibly reducing shipping damage.  You are welcome to use any part or all of it when dealing with your sellers.  If it helps to keep even one nice old item from being destroyed, this effort will have been worthwhile.  Any recommended changes or additions to the text are welcome.

Dave F.


Thank you for the advice.  This is actually at least the fourth of fifth phone that has been damaged or destroyed on the way to me, all of them poorly packed.  On one of them, the seller immediately refunded my money and let me keep the phone.  On another, the sellre asked me to ship back the phone, which I did, and refunded my money plus the return shipping.  This time, I really don't feel like standing in a line at a post office to correct someone else's careless mistake, and the phone is still worth something, at least for some of the parts.

I will hopefully have a response by tomorrow and will let everyone know what happened.  At least, the total amount of money in question here is only $24.50.  If this had been a $1000 colored AE34 or something like that, I would be in shock now.



So the seller wanted you to spring for the return shipping? If so were they going to refund the phone purchase price, phone price plus originall shipping charge or phone price plus both shipping charges? If they were going to refund your return shipping cost, be sure that they know that it is $15, not $10.70 as that is what it cost them to ship the $10.70 flat rate box to you.



I think that they were planning to pay me for the return shipping, but once I ship it, I will be out the purchase price plus two shipping charges until they refund me.  I think that the safest thing is to keep the phone and get a partial refund.


Dave F

I agree Larry.  Your cost was low, and the parts are good.


The seller just offered to refund just the original $15 shipping charge.  I just sent them another message stating that, since they ignored  my packing instructions and packed the phone improperly, and the phone was badly damaged, I did not actually receive the item that I purchased and should therefore not incur any expense.  I expect that this is going to turn out to be a hassle with an ebay complaint.  Don't expect a perfect feedback score from me on this.


Dave F


eBay now requires all sellers to provide insurance on their packages.  If you file a complaint, you will ultimately win, but you will most likely have to mail back the broken item.  Before filing your claim, decide which is better for you, the full refund or the spare phone parts.


Greg G.

Quote from: LarryInMichigan on November 28, 2010, 12:53:20 PM
The seller replied to my message an offered a refund if I ship the phone back to them.  I am a bit nervous about putting another $11 or so into this in the hope of getting a refund, so I am thinking of asking for a partial refund of $20 or so.  I can probably glue the pieces back together and have a usable phone which looks acceptably good when viewed from the right sides.  Do you think that this would be a good idea, or will it likely make the seller suspicious or less willing to cooperate?


Full refund, he pays return shipping.
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I just got my $21 refund from the seller, so the phone has cost me $3.50 plus alot of time an aggravation so far.  Now for the gluing projects.


Dennis Markham

I'm glad you got that, Larry.  I'll bet you will get $3.50 worth out of what remains. 


Quote from: NorthernMan on December 01, 2010, 02:35:31 AM
Larry , i think this is what you need .

Other than the name in the oval (mine has "GEC"), that looks just like it.  My phone will be grateful :)



Larry the body well worth an attempt being its an unusual and rare variant with the tropical vent at the top, standard GPO 332's never had these.

Good luck with it.
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I've only bought a few phones so far, but I've experienced the best and the worst regarding packaging. My 554 was put in a box (with the handset on the hook) and only a few sheets of newspaper between it and the cold cruel world. But the '54 500 set was wrapped as if it was making a trip over niagra falls.