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Auction 81: Mediterranean Blue WECo 500 "Project Phone"!

Started by AE_Collector, January 20, 2013, 09:18:21 PM

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Lets try this as our next "Auction Contest".

This one completes at 17:32 Eastern Sunday Jan 27 so all guesses must be in by 17:32 Eastern Saturday Jan 26.

We have talked about an adjustment to the "rules" of the "Auction Contests" so lets try these out as "guide lines" rather than rules.

#1 - Closest guess to the final selling price wins (over or under final price is okay).
#2 - Guesses need to be in 24 Hours before the auction completetion time/date.
#3 - Try to stay at least 5% (of your guess amount) away from other existing guesses. If there isn't a 10% gap, split the difference when placing your guess.


$55.00 - Brinybay
$80.00 - wds
$93.00 - david@london
$100.00 - Mr. Bones
$120.00 - AE_Collector
$125.00 - Tom B - Winner - Final Selling Price was $124.86
$135.00 - RotorDad
$142.41 - Dan
$150.00 - Gilas
$175.00 - TelePlay
$190.00 - McHeath
$220.00 - K1WI
$244.00 - DavePEI
$275.00 - Russ Kirk
$301.01 - HarrySmith
$375.00 - twocvbloke

Text from ebaY listing:
Up for auction is this 1955 Western Electric Rotary Dial Desk Telephone in rare Mediterranean blue color. The brown leather feet are in excellent condition. This vintage telephone could make a great addition to your collection. The dial pad sports an authentic vintage exchange number and there is a label of a Spokane, WA area business.

Working condition is unknown. There is electrical/heat damage to the receiver coily cord just as it enters the handset with some discoloration around the entry hole. The coily cord insulation is torn at the area of discoloration; some wire is exposed.

The interior of the telephone set appears good; no burns, corrosion or visible defect. The mediterranean blue case is in excellent vintage condition.


Seler says "The mediterranean blue case is in excellent vintage condition"---.

[other than that big crack on the left front]
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As much as I want one at a good price I'm probably gonna pass on this one.  This looks like something Dennis or Jorge can tackle ;D

Dennis Markham

Quote from: poplar1 on January 20, 2013, 09:54:35 PM
Seler says "The mediterranean blue case is in excellent vintage condition"---.

[other than that big crack on the left front]

I noticed that too.  I guess if it were not "vintage" it wouldn't be in good condition. :)

Greg G.

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Mr. Bones

   Mr. Bones
      Rubricollis Ferus


I'll go $135.  The color is pretty good... but to fix that crack with a piece missing..... and find the proper handset cord...  definitely a phone for the skilled collector with a parts inventory.

Dennis Markham

The seller has modified his listing, mentioning the crack that he/she overlooked.

Mr. Bones

Drool! I so want a Med blue 500 or 554... :D okay, both!! ;D
   Mr. Bones
      Rubricollis Ferus



$375, just cos there are people out there who have no concept of value...  :D


I'll go for $80.  Not sure if that's too close to someone elses bid or not.


That is perfect wds. In the $100 range being at least $5 away seems acceptable to me and your guess splits the existing guesses that are $55 and $100. This one isn't a hard and fast rule anyway, just trying to give each "player" a range of at least a few dollars to win.


Quote from: wds on January 21, 2013, 10:47:27 AM
I'll go for $80.  Not sure if that's too close to someone elses bid or not.


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