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Glossary of eBay Seller Title Terms

Started by Sargeguy, January 30, 2013, 09:03:15 PM

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Doug Rose

Quote from: Sargeguy on January 31, 2013, 10:50:12 PM
Here in the US, my experience is that the USPS is incompetent and FedEx and UPS are my carriers of choice.  I would believe the USPS story that my packages were stolen if they hadn't delivered other people's packages to my house twice in the last week.
WOW!! I am really surprised you do not like the USPS. Janet and I find the USPS a Godsend. Medium Priority Flat box is the best thing for selling phones. We have not had a lost shipment....ever. Free...yes FREE boxes that are like tanks. We only use FedEx for larger items that do not fit the Priority Flat box. I think we keep the USPS in business. I guess everyone thinks differently. No, neither of us work for the USPS. The way things are going for the USPS, you will not have them to kick around much longer. Just my humble opinion...Doug


I used to have no problem with them until the last few months, starting with my vulgar Victorian plate.  They have lost four packages since November costing me approximately $200.  This does not count two other packages that never arrived but I received refunds from the shippers because they were never marked as delivered.  When I complained the USPS advised me to check with my neighbors, but that they most likely were stolen by thieves who follow the mail trucks around.  Two of the four packages were supposedly stolen off my porch on days when I was home.  The mailman usually rings the doorbell, or I can hear the mail going in the slot, etc.  and I am usually listening for him when I am expecting packages.  I have a box on my porch for packages, and the mailman usually puts them there.  On one occasion I observed the mailman not delivering any packages on the day a package was supposedly delivered.  In the last two months.  I have received packages for other addresses on three occasions.  All of my FedEx and UPS packages have arrived except the one FedEx handed over to USPS for delivery.  I still use them for mailing but for receiving packages USPS stinks.
Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409


Quote from: Just4Phones on January 31, 2013, 06:15:12 PM
Good condition for it's age=It's beat to crap and broken but hey it's 60 years old what do you expect.

Hey! I used that one! LOL
Practice Kindness :)


Practice Kindness :)


Maybe the USPS needs to adopt methods used by Royal Mail and their postmen, knock on the door, no answer, drop a "Sorry, you were out" card and either take the item back to the sorting office, or drop it off at a designated neighbour's house for you to pick up later...

I'm guessing the contracts for the USPS posties state "Deliver the mail, doesn't matter where, just deliver it!!".... :D

Oh, here's another term, in relation to my KX-T7130E:

Not working - We didn't test it properly



QuoteI used that one too!! LOL

I think you're safe
Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409


There is a lot of truth in some of your eBay translations.



NOS, haha. Not obviously scratched!!!!


Museum Piece-Bought in museum gift shop
Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409

don zee

Mint in box- only thing that would cover the smell
new - used
like new - beat to crap
used - broken
untested - broken beat to crap
well used- broken, beat to crap, missing most parts
as is - good luck, getting a refund
international seller - good luck getting an email back.

don zee

I almost forgot -

"It worked the last time I tried it" - It worked the last time I tried it, then there was a pop, a flash, some smoke, and I'm selling it '"as is"


In good used condition-A piece of s**t.


Additional Terms:

'Your item is marked as Dispatched''s Sunday 11pm, eBay thinks it's sent, so that's good enough until I get around to shipping it.

'I know nothing about this phone'
...what I do know I'm keeping to myself.

'Antique 1970's phone'
...I don't know what Antique means.

'I haven't looked inside'
...I have looked inside and I'm saying nothing.

'What you see is what you get'
...what you don't see is what you get.

'I don't know if it works' doesn't work.

'Make Offer'
...I don't know how to remove the Make Offer option.

'Attic Find'
...been left in a hot atmosphere for years.

'Shed Find'
...been left in a damp atmosphere for years.

'Yard Sale/Boot Sale Find'
...I paid $2, you pay $200.

'Ended by Seller due to Listing Error' sold really fast, I must have underpriced it so I've cancelled the sale to relist it again at a higher price.

'Upgraded Receiver/Transmitter to a better one'
...I used what I had in the drawer.

'Nice Creamy Colour'
...smokey White colour.

'Aged Patina'

'May need Internal Parts'
...I don't know what was in those gaps.

'Green Phone' phone.

'Brown Phone'
...grey phone.

'Rare Brown Bakelite'
...well handled black Bakelite.

'Bakelite Phone'
...plastic phone.

'The Pictures form part of the Description'
...I can't be bothered to list all it's faults.

'This item is advertised elsewhere'
...if the bidding doesn't go high enough I'm ending the auction.

'One of a Kind'
...I had some glue and craft rubbish so I upcycled it.

'Phone Lamp'
...I had no idea what this was worth so I wasted my time destroying and devaluing it.

A collector of  'Monochrome Phones with Sepia Tones'   ...and a Duck!
Vintage Phones - 10% man made, 90% Tribble


And more:

'The ideal Dial for your Vintage Phone' fits in the hole.

'Vintage GPO type'
...made in India but if I put that in the title you won't look at it.

'Sold by ex Telecoms engineer'
...don't question what I've written.

'Ideal Decor Piece' doesn't work.

'Price Reduced'
...I overpriced it in previous listings and now I'm sick of the sight of it.

'See Photos'
...don't ask any questions.

'Yellow phone'
...cream phone.

'Price is for One'
...I put several in the photo to make you think you were getting a bargain.

'Fully Restored and Ready to Plug In'
...I replaced the broken bits with whatever I had and now it works.

'Bargain Box'
...all the old tatt I can't sell.
A collector of  'Monochrome Phones with Sepia Tones'   ...and a Duck!
Vintage Phones - 10% man made, 90% Tribble



Do I sense a tad of built up frustration?

Yeah, I do......


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