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Stromberg Carlson Model 1243 Codes & Information

Started by Dennis Markham, May 06, 2009, 11:13:14 AM

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Dennis Markham

Again, information courtesy of Paul Fassbender of the TCI.

1543s with SL ringers are ordered with either -A or -BT3 suffix as shown in
the posting about the Model 1543.

I'm not a student of SC nomenclature and don't see anything obvious that
describes the -W suffix for the 1243 series. It looks like part of the
model number.

The material I have describes the 1243-W as follows:

"No. 1243-W TYPE -- A complete self-contained telephone for any type of
common battery service."

The coding section has additional suffix codes for ringers similar to those
reported for the 1543:

1243-W (no ringer suffix) = no ringer

Straight Line:
-A 1800 Ohms (1243-WA)
-S 4850 Ohms (1243-WS)

Standard Harmonic:
-E 16 2/3 Cycles

-F 33 1/3
-G 50
-H 66 2/3
-N 25

Other Tuned Frequencies:

-K 30
-L 42
-M 54
-P 66
-R 16
-I 20
-J 60

The 1244, however, does have other basic suffix definitions:

1244-B Induction Coil, No Condenser (used with No. 327 Desk Set Box
1244-T No Induction Coil or Condenser
(Operator set for No. 121 Cordless Switchboard)
1244-W No Induction Coil or Condenser
(Used with desk set box to make a two-piece sub-station set.)

Since the 1243-W has both Induction Coil and Condenser, there's obviously no
magic (or consistency) to the use of the -W suffix.

Perhaps an SC scholar can help us understand the numbering system and if
there were other suffix codes for the 1243.

Paul Fassbender