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Re: For Sale: Black ‘54 WE 500

Started by wecoguy, January 16, 2023, 10:06:13 AM

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Is this your birthday phone?  Black WECo500 C/D with ALL parts (with the exception of the line cord) dating to July 1954.  No cracks or chips on case, six hole receiver cap on G1 handset,original handset cord has not kinks or twists. No rust on base.  Leather feet in excellent condition.


Welcome back Russ!

Please post some photos when you get a chance.
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Yes, we need pictures! Welcome back, it's been a minute. Actually been over 12 years!
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Russ, I am happy to see you are active in the Forum.


Opened up phone yesterday and took pictures. Some dates are 7/9/54.  Found that Network is dated 6/54.  Price of phone is $75 including shipping.


Pictures attached.  Network is dated 6/54.


It's weird that NE has never, or almost never, stamped the date on their shell (housing I don't know), the caps and inside the handset! For WE phones, no problem, the dates are almost always affixed. Of all the ones I have, only one has dates everywhere but it's still frankenphones from different dates as well as lots of stamps..