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RotaTone & Dial Gizmo Pulse to Tone Converters

Started by McHeath, October 05, 2008, 10:25:17 PM

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Ralph Meyer's comments after testing the Oldphoneworks LPT310, Dialgizmo and P2Tv2.1-48 are in the November 2012 Singing Wires.

Ralph contacted the developers with his questions and observations.

His insights may help you determine the criteria most important to you.
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There are some models that will pass dial pulses as well as the tones they produce. This won't matter if your line doesn't accept dial pulses, but would result in double dialing if used on a line that does recognize dial pulses.
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Not sure if it helps anyone or not, but the Canadian Rogers dedicated VOIP router I have (Scientific Atlantic unit) supports pulse dialing just fine.  When I use a dialgizmo in series, I do not get double-dials or anything, it filters the pulse so that it doesn't get to the line (only the tone does) and interfaces with the VOIP router just fine, allowing me to dial # and *. 


DialGizmo is working great for me.    I have three rotary phones in my house and I use one dialgizmo make all three work with my cablevision VOIP.  I installed a patch panel for cat6 wiring when I wired my house so each phone line is home run to a central location.  I take the three phone lines to a parallel block and run them into the dialgizmo which I then put into the rest of the system.  I'm fairly certain I could install the dialgizmo right after the modem and it would work for everything.  It is a simple, easy and effective solution.  The only downside is the shipping cost to the states especially when compared to relatively low cost of the product.  To offset the shipping I bought two so I have a spare for the office or wherever else I might want to use a rotary.


I have 2 dialgizmos in use. One at the cabin making a WE500 working on a gsm adapter. (Also used for an alarm system)

The other one is in use with a 1930 Standard telephone with reverse dial. This one is connected to a 24V system, and requires a full short (shunt) of the line when the dial is used.

The only unit I have tested witch dont work at all with the dialgizmo is an Ericsson pabx sending pulses.

I have generally trouble sending redial, * and #.



Here is a "new" one:
Is it a dial gizmo clone?

Matilo Telephones

It does look similar, doesn't it. The price is very much different. Anyone have any experience?

Does anybody know what is going on with Dialgizmo? They put trading on hold as of august. No knews on the site. No replies to my mails.

They had a lot of quality issues this year. About 40% didn't work. I buy a lot of them. Lots of trouble.

And now this. The end of dialgizmo?


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well, I don,t need this software because my provider Vidéotron accept the 2 signals.. tone and pulse. that's why I have three different phones in my house, one with a dial and the other with a touch tone...and a moderne phone for taking the message when i'm gone know what I mean? ;)

Par contre ce petit bidule peut servir si jamais un fournisseur de ligne téléphonique n'accepte pas les téléphones à cadran à pulsation ( pulse ). :)

Matilo Telephones

Lucky you. Pulse dialing begins to be quite uncommon here. Only on lines on the old state network is pulsedialing possible. But most people, like me, have voip. And the voip providers here do not support pulse dialing.

I have a dialgizmo and it is perfect. There is also a Dutch manufactere of a conversion chip, for installing internally. That is sometimes is a little hard to install, but when it works, it works fine.

As I sell a lot of my phones, I also provide a lot of dialgizmo's. I'd hate to see them out of business. I never did get a rotatone working well.


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Here we have an add for a new one.
Expensive (p&p included ) ??  ( dead link 12-31-17 )


I klike the terminal block style of that.  It is a bit expensive, and I wonder where they come from?  Probably Hong Kong.  It looks like shipping is an additional charge.
-Bill G

Matilo Telephones

Good tip, this one.

Shipping is OK, for me. Only $ 8,12 to Holland.

So all in all cheaper than a dialgizmo.

One of these days I am going to buy a couple and try them out.

By the way, the ad says they are from Hainan, mainland China. Not Hongkong.


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Looks like it has evaporated from AliExpress pages, called Dialor 2
At this moment you may see it at this page:
When the link disappears, the only we get is this picture "stolen from the page"


I have used one those as a "rotatone" in my Norwegian payphone.  This was a project I had, taking a little bit off, I just should have a working payphone with a 16 kHz tax pulse signal, and yes I got it, but spent a little bit more than whats feeling comfortable. I do actually have (as far as I know) the one and only working Norwegian payphone of that kind.  ;D