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Resistors in switchboard circuits

Started by RB, March 22, 2017, 03:01:28 PM

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Good morning. Thanks for the reply.
I want to ease your concern a little.
I have been doing this sort of design/building for some time now.
my board is and will continue to function just as I have designed it to... ok, not my design, per say. but I modified it.
I was gonna wait till I had it a bit more assembled, but I think a pic or two, is warranted at this point.
I built the subscriber jack this weekend, and will repeat it 3 more times for a 4 subscriber far, anyway.
After the jack assembly, it will be on to the signaling part, and then to the finish line...
Thanks again, for all the support.


Thank you for the pictures.  It looks like you do have a vision and a plan.
That's all I can tell right now.  A full circuit schematic would make it much easier to comment.
Best of success.


Thank you!
I will provide schematics and more pics when completed.
This is a fun project.
What shud I call it??? Frankinphone? lol


The LB side is complete! and working...
The CB side is almost complete, still working on the line lites, but everything else is there.
I posted the board in another post, "My new, vintage switchboard" but no response yet.
chk it out!