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AE Type 82 Lighted Dial Telephone

Started by stub, October 17, 2019, 06:43:01 PM

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I won this phone the other day thanks to member zenithchromacolor . Thanks ,stub
Kenneth Stubblefield


The light is not very bright but works.  stub
Kenneth Stubblefield

Jim Stettler

Quote from: stub on October 17, 2019, 06:45:28 PM
The light is not very bright but works.  stub
That is a find of the month contender , even if it didn't work. It is a very cool variation, and it is a scarce variation, and it is  a nice harder-to-find-color.You done good.
Just my observation/opinion,
You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.


       Thanks, Yes at being hard to find. AE_Collector has the only other one I've ever seen . I've been trying for years now to get it from him . stub
Kenneth Stubblefield

GTE Rick

Great addition! I have one in pink.... be very very careful with the dial bezel... I think they are glass and very brittle my has a few cracks.

ps got my vote for find of the month!
Small in size ... Smart in Style ... and it has a lighted dial.


Man! That IS nice :)
I like the color too

Doug Rose

Stub...that is a beauty! I know it was an auction, what was the final cost to you?....Doug


Fantastic! I did not know about those at all.  Nice color too.


Very nice indeed!
What produces the light - from the circuit diagram it looks like a small filament lamp, but is there only one or a number of them?


with the 54 kOhm resistance in series I can only think it's a small neon bulb.


The disk is of a type called Luminescent, it described here:
These are really lo power, but needs high voltage or frequency to work. 

Modern product in the same range will be sold as "luminescent sheet" often with high frequency lo voltage power-source.



The light emitting technology was developed by Sylvania Electric around 1961 and AE and Sylvania were both subsidaries of ITT.  The paneluminescent lighting was one division helping another. 


Light-emitting capacitor, or LEC, is a term used since at least 1961[2] to describe electroluminescent panels. General Electric has patents dating to 1938 on flat electroluminescent panels that are still made as night lights and backlights for instrument panel displays. Electroluminescent panels are a capacitor where the dielectric between the outside plates is a phosphor that gives off photons when the capacitor is charged. By making one of the contacts transparent, the large area exposed emits light.[3]

Electroluminescent automotive instrument panel backlighting, with each gauge pointer also an individual light source, entered production on 1960 Chrysler and Imperial passenger cars, and was continued successfully on several Chrysler vehicles through 1967.

Night lamps

Sylvania Lighting Division in Salem and Danvers, MA, produced and marketed an EL night lamp (right), under the trade name Panelescent at roughly the same time that the Chrysler instrument panels entered production. These lamps have proven extremely reliable, with some samples known to be still functional after nearly 50 years of continuous operation. Later in the 1960s, Sylvania's Electronic Systems Division in Needham, MA developed and manufactured several instruments for the Apollo Lunar Lander and Command Module using electroluminescent display panels manufactured by the Electronic Tube Division of Sylvania at Emporium, PA. Raytheon, Sudbury, MA, manufactured the Apollo guidance computer, which used a Sylvania electroluminescent display panel as part of its display-keyboard interface (DSKY).
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— Arthur C. Clarke



AE and Sylvania were owned by GTE, not ITT  ;)

But beautiful phone and dial! I actually recently picked up an AE 80 that is stamped as an 82 on the bottom but doesn't seem to have the lighted dial any longer. I'll have to take a closer look at the dial but there is no power cord. Very neat to see that they put a dial light on the 80, and a much more elegant look than the shroom light 500 though both are super cool :)


Glad that you got that phone. I thought of getting it myself since I could pick it up, but had no idea of the value and mostly have WE phones.
It's nice that they colored the power cord for the light to match the phone color.