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What are your Favorite Cars???

Started by Bill Cahill, April 17, 2009, 05:16:41 PM

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One of my favorite cars is the '94-'96 Impala SS. I had this gray-green '95 for about 6 years. It was bone stock, but that LT1 had plenty of power. I had a Chevelle back in the day that I thought was pretty cool. I challenged one of these on the highway and lost big time. From that day on I wanted one. I traded it for a Suburban, which was probably a bad idea. My dad has a '94 wagon which will be a SS clone as soon as I get my hands on it.

My close second is the Pontiac G8. It is an awesome all around performer and very pleasing to the eyes. It's also Pontiac's last performance vehicle, ever. Mine was a GT with the 6.0. I used it for a work car, which was breaking my heart. I put a ton of miles on each week. I let her go to an owner who could treat her better and traded for a GMC 2500 HD with a Duramax.



Nothing since 2016 on this topic...
How about a long black electric cadillac.......


My favorites are 50s cars, followed by 40s and early 60s cars.  I love 40s and early 50s Buicks in particular, but I love almost all 50s cars.  My baby is a 54 New Yorker station wagon, and yes, it has a Hemi.  My truck is a 73 GMC 3/4 ton.  NO SMOG CHECKS!