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German W48 in Green

Started by paul-f, May 08, 2014, 10:28:58 PM

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There were apparently quite a few phones made in the style of the Siemens Model 36.

This one is marked G53 on the bottom, but the wiring diagrams inside identify it as a W48.

Here are a few sites for some more info and photos:
Visit:         WE  500  Design_Line


Matilo Telephones

Very nice green one, Paul. The colored ones are sometimes hard to find.

The RCA logo surprises me a little. Did RCA import and distribute phones? Or did they simply own this one? Did you find it in the USA?

It is not marked with Deutsche Post markings, so it was made for export.

Is the white label window a replacement, you think?


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Found in the US at a flea market many years ago.  It's been on the display shelf for a loooong time.  Since I had it in my hands to dust it (long overdue), it seemed like a good time to take some photos.

I don't remember any history from the seller and can't explain the RCA logo -- although it has come up before...

I also have no opinion on the white window, although similar ones seem to be on sets here:
Visit:         WE  500  Design_Line