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Red Connecticut Toaster Phone Question

Started by Doug Rose, March 14, 2019, 08:09:35 PM

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Doug Rose

I was lucky enough to get a red toaster phone in very nice shape. I have a few questions, what were the red ones used for? I have seen pictures of them, but not sure what the red or gray ones were used for. This is a Signal Corps set.  Did they ever come with cloth cords or just the standard black ones.

Shell is painted, handset is plastic. Looks original. Color is more the orange red of the second pic.

Anyone have a CT dial card for sale. I have a blue one on my gray set,.....many thanks,,..Doug


Hi Doug,

If you don't mind making a printed one instead of an original, here's one for an AE dial I found a while ago on one of the dial card sites and downloaded/saved.

Hope this helps a bit.

-Tom M.-
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Note not a TP-6A set but a TA-166? set.I have 2 of them ,not easy to find. The grey sets were not military but were 1000 series sets .

Doug Rose

Robby....they came red with black cords and black dial? What was the difference between the red and the black in functionality the Military.

Thanks Tom......Doug


black cords. Not sure on the fingerwheel but I think they were black. No difference in the telephones except color. I do not thunk the red sets were moisture and fungus proofed.

Doug Rose


Doug Rose

This cleaned up much better than expected! I was going to put cloth cords and a chrome easi clean dial on it, but decided to keep as it came as Robby stated. I found a CT dial card that I had been saving (also fixed it after pics)!

This is a working phone. It was never painted black as you can see from the inside pic. Signal Corp dial. Bottom diagram is superb.

I had wanted one for  so long, I am amazed to find one in displayable condition.. It is the WE Red Thermoplastic color.....Doug