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New purchases, RWT (Poland) lineman's handset and Hagenuk (Germany) W28

Started by countryman, April 12, 2019, 05:17:46 PM

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Hi all, I want to brag a little about my new purchases ;-)
First is a lineman's handset  or butt set. I'm not sure whether it is factory or home built (by a professional). It is an RWT handset with a rotary dial attached to it, no coil, no ringer. RWT resulted out of a co-operation with Ericsson and built phones for the polish mass market. The metal finger wheel attracted me - I must confess I thought it was from an earlier era than it is in reality. But I think for 20,50 EUR+5.99 shipping it's not overpaid, and still the metal dial is appealing! It was on auction in Germany (where I live), I'm not sure whether someone brought it over from Poland or if it originates from  former East Germany, where a couple more RWT phones were used. The set works s far after I adjusted the dial a little to the faster side.
Second is a classic W28, originally a Siemens&Halske design. This one was built by Hagenuk considerably later than (19)28. In fact the dates of it's parts are mostly from the late '40ies. It seems to be one of those W28 that were composed after WWII from available new and used parts to satify the huge demand. Anyway, this phone is a fine design and in very nice working order. The seller, a retired telecommunications technician, had described it as "internal wiring defective" - in fact only 2 connections on the coil were loose and the line cord is missing. The handset cord in contrast is in a perfect condition and of very high quality, so is the S&H N30 dial. 19,90+ 7,50 shipping...