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NOS?? Kellogg Magneto 1070 BA

Started by Doug Rose, April 19, 2019, 10:06:21 AM

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Doug Rose

The handset is perfect so I was ready to part it out. I looked at the Paint and thought, has this ever been used? Cloth line cord is faded, but.....I decided to wipe all the dirt and crude of of it and ...viola!  Simply amazing condition.

I opened the jack and wired it up and got crystal clear dial tone. I jumped L2 and it rings on incoming calls.

How cool is this! Spin the mag and the gongs chime.

This is just the perfect extension phone!


Wow! That's the nicest red bar I have seen.
Glad you kept it together! :)

Doug Rose

thanks RB....the paint has no marks on the eas and just a tiny scratch in the front. Handset cord must have been replaced during its life, but it is simply amazing!

Doug Rose

it is just too cool in this condition, something will have to leave as this guy is a keeper....Doug


Great find Doug. Rewiring it to work on a stand at POTS line & having the Magnito operate the ringer is cool. Knowing your into manual phones, I shouldn't be surprised you would be this creative. Good job, I like it.

Doug Rose

thanks Gary.....I was lucky it worked on the first configuration I tried. I was going to sell it, but I just can't.

You are right, I love the manual set....many thanks...Doug