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GPO 332 CB

Started by FABphones, August 29, 2022, 06:47:08 AM

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The latest project in the workshop, just finished.

Forgot the 'before' photos but it was in a standard used condition. No damage.

Needed a blanking plate (dummy No3), dialcard, retaining clip and protector (from the spares box).

The cord to handset (photo one, as found) is original and in good condition, retainer good and tight, possibly a GPO refurb cord - phone stamped FWR 64 (GPO Factory, Cwmcarn, Wales), so I didn't swap it out for a braided cord.The nice long line cord was already on the phone, I added the Bakelite wall terminal which is correct for the era. Bakelite was partially painted over and needed paint remover.

Photo two, polished and ready for the Phone Den.

Link to more info re the GPO CB 332:
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Beautiful phone CJ. Nice work.


Great phone, can't wait to see it finished.