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Vintage British phones - Siemens Brothers

Started by guitar1580, January 02, 2011, 08:05:02 PM

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I've always wanted one of these phones, since I first saw them in books, years ago.  Made by Siemens Brothers of London around the 1930's, also known as the Neophone, model 312, 310, tele 232, and several similar models & variations, some with built in ringer, some with seperate ringer boxes.  I think they have a nice elegant look, particularly the middle picture below.

I'm hoping that the internet has made it possible to find one for reasonable $$.  Does anyone have any idea of price / availability / value of a decent original example of one of these?

Josh P


Those are the GPO 200 series.  I have never seen one for an affordable price, but you never know.  I got a 300 series for under $10 recently.



The top one is absolutely stunning.  The sharp edges give it a much more elegant look than the one below it with it's softer corners.

Kenny C

Isn't this a phone like the one on the desk in " Dial M for murder"?
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  Marie B.


Pics 1 and 3 are interesting as I'd never clocked that some Neophones had sharper lines than the standard GPO equivalents.

They certainly add an intriguing variant to the more rounded sets.
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