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Color Dilema.

Started by Dan/Panther, January 06, 2009, 05:34:19 PM

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I have a choice to make and I want to know what would you guys do ?

I have a 1958-500 in light blue, that is I assume soft plastic, it is very faded to the point that it looks like a different phone compared to the handset caps, and the dial.
Then I have a 1974-500 with a hard plastic body, with perfect color and caps that make the phone look great. Should I stick with the old parts, or change to the newer parts ?

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Are all of the plastic parts dated 1958?  If so, I'd probably try sanding out the fade.  If it doesn't work, you always have the new plastics to put on it. 
Jim H.


If you are using the phone or displaying it, I would switch to get a color match. Only die hards like us would recognize the mismatch.
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Hmm, what to do.  If time is no problem you might try the sanding solution, I hear it works wonders but also is a wonder of work.  The quick and dirty solution is to change the shell and be happy, which also has an appeal about it.


You could just do the easiest thing:  If the '58 is ugly, and the '74 is fine, then put the whole '58 in a closet and leave the whole '74 out in public.