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Auction 69 - AE40 in Orchid/Gold (painted/faded)

Started by Doug Rose, June 21, 2011, 02:14:00 PM

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Doug Rose

I've never seen this color before. If its not Kotke Color or Polene this will be expensive.

Whaddaya think Bingster? Name that Price!


$1969.69 - Dan
$2415.00 - Tom B
$2888.00 - bingster
$3333.01 - HarrySmith
$3456.00 - bones92
$3500.00 - KennyC
$3600.00 - stub1953
$3700.00 - Doug Rose (Winner)
Sold for $4,349.99
$4750.55 - JorgeAmely
$5555.00 - Craig T
$7500.00 - Sargeguy

Doug Rose

Well more pictures have been added and Ray has chimed in. Look at the color it was before...this will be expensive...Doug


Looks like an excellent auction subject, Doug.  It looks to be an AE40 in "Orchid" solid plastic, which at some point, for whatever reason, has been painted blue.  It's also got the beautiful frosted gold accents.  This one's at a higher price than we normally start our game, but like Doug, I think this one has a long way to go.

So what will the auction end at?  Get your guesses in before the auction's final day, and you could be our next contest winner!

Doug Rose

Thanks Darrin

"Thought you should know that your phone was NOT painted Turquoise, but rather it has faded to that color over time. I would STRONGLY advise you to show photos of the insides of the phone with the base plate off, and/or possibly the handset caps so people could see that beautiful "ORCHID" (the factory color name from AE) color! Additionally, that is not brass trim, but 24ct GOLD plated hardware from the AE factory! You have a $2,000+ phone there sir; do NOT stop the auction early! Good luck, Kleenax"

According to Ray, this has NOT been painted it is "faded" to Turquoise. He is the expert, not me. I have never seen an AE in this "turquoise" color. I did pass up an Orchid AE40 when I was first starting out collecting 30+ years ago. I had never seen an AE40, let alone an orchid one. I thought it was a fake. Stupidity aside, I think this is a wonderful phone, especially with the Gold accents. For this once in a lifetime amazing color, my guess is $3700.....Doug

Doug Rose

If you look under the handset and on the back or the cradle, you see orchid. This is an amazing fade, but it is a fade....Doug

Kenny C

Bakelite fades? I thought it was painted because where the handset was and where the plungers hit the handset were orchid.  It looks like paint had scraped off but I am by no means an expert.
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I guess the picturs of the handset caps show the color. Very cool, I can't imagine what it would look like restored. Beautiful!
My Guess $3,333.01
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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Put me down for $4750.55

It looks like the real thing to me. The gold trim still has the original satin finish. And it seems to have the original straight line ringer.

On close inspection of the photos, I think it is Polane painted and the wear pattern around the handset, as it contacts the cradle, is starting to show the original color.

I think I remember someone saying that Orchid was not a very popular color when issued long time ago and that probably justifies the paint job.



Quote from: HarrySmith on June 21, 2011, 06:43:22 PM
... I can't imagine what it would look like restored. Beautiful! ...

Harry, I have to add AMAZING!

Kenny C

I agree with Jorge about the polane. I don't think it is faded
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Put me down for 0 dollars ..... more than likely someone (maybe even myself) will make a nice cash offer without the interference of high Ebay fees .
Would a savings of $500 - $1000 tempt the seller .... maybe we will soon find out.
I will predict that Ebay will soon have a fee for ending auctions early.

How much would this phone sell for if it was not outed by phone collectors, maybe a 100 bucks ?

My guess is it doesn't get sold on Ebay.


Quote from: Kenny C on June 21, 2011, 04:50:12 PM
Bakelite fades?

No it doesn't but the colored AE's aren't bakelite. They are refered to as colored bakelite since the black (and brown) ones are bakelite. The colored ones are thermoplastic that shrinks just like the colored 302 cases that shrink onto the metal base until the corners crack.


Doug Rose

Terry....I disagree, Bakelite does fade. Check out my green North Galion. It had really faded. Not like this Orchid AE40 which I still contend is a fade, but it does fade. Fade and change color is one in the same...Doug

Kenny C

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