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Is this phone a reproduction

Started by ldj1002, July 31, 2012, 01:57:12 PM

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Erm, any more info, or pictures, or anything that would assist in working out what that is?


Here is a video. I'm sure many other companies have copied the design. It's very popular.

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See if this link will work, If it does then you all know all I have to go by. I have saw photos of a bunch that look like a cheap something. This looks different to me. Seems a little high to me but he says open to offers. What would be a fare offer, that is if it is worth anything.  ( dead link 04-08-21 )


I believe that a large number of those 1930s vintage phones from Denmark were refurbished with repro parts and sold in the USA a few decades ago.  I see them more than occasionally.



I run into these in antique stores every so often.  They seem to always want between $40 and $120, depending on the store.  $20-40 seems reasonable to me, if in good condition. 


I almost bought one from a craigslist seller in the area for $30, but he sold it to someone else before I had a chance to meet with him.  I wouldn't pay much more than that.



Arthur Seifert of New York City sold them in the 1960s for $35.
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One was just listed on eBay starting at $19 plus shipping.  ( dead link 04-08-21 )

Has a bit more rust on it. Is that base/shell cast bakelite or stamped metal?


I think that the bodies of these are all stamped steel.