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A red AE 35 complete and a Strowger 3 boxer?

Started by Gary Z, October 08, 2019, 01:04:27 AM

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Gary Z

Some friends of mine (Greg and Debra) were on a recent road trip in the southwest. They know me pretty well so when they came across a box of phones at an estate sale they they sent me a picture of a box of phone parts that was for sale for $100.There were around 4 AE ringer boxes, a few handsets and what looks pink but is probably a RED AE model 35!! I told them to grab them immediately. SCORE!
Then they make their way into the garage and hanging on a nail with a wire is a 3 boxer. It's missing a few parts but the top box is clearly marked "STROWGER" with another $100 price tag. I haven't ever seen a Strowger 3 box before. I don't know if this was pieced together or if there is a chapter of Strowger that I'm not aware of....anyone have info on that? I took the bait on that one too.
They won't be back in the area for almost a week and I can barely wait to get my hands on these. I will try and post the pictures they sent me. I will take better ones when I get my grubby hands on them.


          WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stub
Kenneth Stubblefield        



You (lucky) dog!

Can't wait to see the pictures!


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WOW! Nice find. That AE 35 is a hard to find phone at all, never mind in color! Congrats!
Harry Smith
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It's nice to have friends like that. Very impressive haul!


Looks like your Red AE35 is going to prove to be in MUCH better shape than the one that I found! GREAT FIND on your part!;topic=20051.0;attach=211541;image
Ray Kotke
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Quote from: Roody on October 08, 2019, 01:04:27 AM
...they came across a box of phones at an estate sale they they sent me a picture of a box of phone parts that was for sale for $100....

Very exciting. When they arrive don't forget to post photos of the other items in the box too.
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Gary Z

So my friends dropped off the recent finds and I have had a little time to spend on them. The red 35 is in pretty good condition but not without issues. It could be a lot worse but there is some warping and fading, but surprisingly no cracks. Has anyone had any luck re-shaping this material that I'm not even sure what it is. I haven't even been able to find pictures of these colored 35's besides the one Ray posted. There is also a picture of the other items that came with it.I haven't spent any time cleaning those up yet, but I think I can get close to my $100 back from just selling those.

Jim Stettler

That red AE 35 is a good contender of the month even if you value it at the full $100.
Jim S.
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Great find, I agree good contender for find of the month.h


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