"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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General Discussion / Re: old Danish phone
Last post by long jumper - Today at 06:29:41 PM
Applied 6volt DC just a light clicking.If you push the Clapper with 6 volts dc then remove power the Clapper returns and advances the digit. The coil has continuity and reads 306 ohms. The other issue is when I hook up the counter it won't break dial tone but when removing one wire from  counter I can dial out. I don't want to spend 20.00 on a counter then not be able to dial out. Do you think the counter is the problem for not breaking dial tone to dialing out? When energizing Clapper doesn't pull in. Would like some input
Presumably an intermediate station with a rotary / automatic office part combined with a line selector intercom.
An office call can be put on hold while making an internal call via the intercom part. The called extension then can switch over to the office line, using a similar station. Early "PBX alternative"...
In the picture there's a wooden version for 2 office lines and 10 internal extensions.
Quote from: HarrySmith on Today at 02:23:41 PMWhat are those 2 large phones with all the buttons?
I was wonder that myself, kinda look like cash registers with handsets, LOL!
What are those 2 large phones with all the buttons?
It's hard to find a neat little switchboard like that, which does not take up too much space but allows to demonstrate the functions!
I may be taking a drive back over that way on Friday. I'll pop back in there and if they still have it I'll pick it up and bring it home.

Love the Ivory U43 CJ, too bad you didn't get it.
Wish there were places around here with deals like that, there use to be about 20 years ago, LOL!
Turned the corner in a junk store today and these were sitting on a shelf.

Tempted by the Ivory U43 at just €10, but I already have one...

Also tempted by the little Switchboard, especially when I got home and showed the photos - Mr F said he could easily wire it up and get it working in the Phone Den...

Collector's Corner / Re: Got a vintage Queen Mary F...
Last post by Doug Rose - Today at 11:12:48 AM
Quote from: tubaman on Today at 03:08:33 AMLooks like a nice original and untouched one. Hopefully it's as good as it looks when it arrives.
thanks...I did stress the packing, I should have it Friday....Doug
Quote from: RJ.rotary on September 26, 2022, 10:20:09 PMI thought that I could simply swap out the singular RJ11 wall plate for a dual jack, but it seems that the two are not connected in the back and remain separate.

What you have there is a 2 line wall jack, essential for home office rooms needing one line for a telephone and another line for a computer modem, or a fax machine, or a second telephone (personal and business numbers) - 80's home office set up.

Times have changed with WiFi.

dsk explained the fix to make that one a 1 line 2 jack wall connector.