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Colored cabling anyone?

Started by Babybearjs, February 24, 2018, 10:22:48 PM

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In my system, I opted to have colored cabling in my system... has anyone else done this? I use blue, orange, green, brown and slate colored cabling in my system. Each cable is 4 pair cat5E...



I have coloured patch leads. There is almost no visible cabling as it's plastered or ducted in.


I have used multi colored patch cables in cat5/6 installations.
helps you to not unhook something important by mistake.
And helps to quickly identify circuits.


I'm using whatever's left over from cable runs at one of our offices - which usually means white, blue or yellow.

It doesn't get used at the office (each vendor doing any wiring "sells" new cabling, since the old leftover stuff "may not be up to snuff"...)...

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Like RB said, its easier to ID circuits with colored cable... that was my whole idea.... I use colored jacks as well... they match the cable... so much easier to troubleshoot and repair...