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Homemade old style 3 and 4 pin female line cord adapters

Started by long jumper, March 07, 2021, 08:02:47 PM

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long jumper

long jumper     I am new to this forum. I am a novice at collecting and repairing rotary dial phones. I consider my self more a person that likes to read about how to repair and tinker with them. I purchase at flea market/ facebook market place/ antique stores. been collecting for about 3 yrs. Have a small collection of a variety of rotary phones western electric  automatic electric  at&t. I always have in use two wall phones 554 & 352 W E. And one desk phone. Wanted to share some pics of home made line Jack Adapters made out of was made using 1/4'' copper tubing. the other by flattening a peice # 14 gage wire inserting into drilled holes.

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Very nice and welcome to the obsession!
If you weren't aware those prong jacks used springs just a bit larger than the pins and two used for each pin will when placed together make a nice connection with the pin.
I've seen small wire sized springs, I don't have any handy to show you, but if you've ever got springs in a box, and find they bind up when pushed by side to a very close tolerance. I've taken some apart that were just that, two springs pushed together and a wire soldered or crimped on the end and going to a terminal screw.
Those would make a very nice jack in any style that uses the pins.
Good luck, and show us your collection sometime.


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Very nice! When I got my first phone with a German ADo27 "Walzenstecker" I also made a makeshift socket for it. Meanwhile I found an original one. But the homemade socket also works well. I used an old bike bell for it.


Nice work.
I use those 3 pin plugs at home, the traditional Norwegian standard.   The 2 upper holes are line, and sometimes the third was used as ground, or for ringer. In the basement I have to many phones on the line so there I use the third for extra ring poer, and wires the phones for grounded ringing.


long jumper

Purchased a 302 WE from resale shop had a line jack that i have never seen. someone there said it belonged to a traveling salesman that traveled overseas in the late 40's. DENNIS FROM A1 TELEPHONE THOUGHT IT WAS AUSTRALIAN.Called a manufacture in Australia said they no longer make these male or female.Dose anyone know where you can find a female jack for this. see pic


I believe i saw something lice that on a cabinet marced MARCONI, many years ago.



That is a Jones connector. Strange for a telephone cord. They are hard to find these days.


Also found this on eBay (item number 150991324809):

Seller description of this plug:

3 Pin Cinch Jones Plug (P-303-CCT) [or Molex Beau P-3303-CCT] connector with right angle screw down strain relief. One blade is vertical and two horizontal to provide polarity. The connector can be wired as an AC or DC power cable. The socket measures 1.034in(W) x 0.472in (H) x 1.312in (L) (including strain relief).

SPECIFICATIONS:  * Polarized to prevent wrong-way insertion * Plugs have projecting flat blades, sockets have recessed twin blades * Plug prongs are .156" wide x .047"thick * Solder lugs terminals with wiring holes .093" x .062"* Molded monoblock phenolic, black * Hood is thermoplastic * Up to 150 degree Celsius * Plug 250 VAC RMS maximum* 10 Amps maximum.


Might be worth asking the seller if he can help you re the parts you need.

<Edit: link added>
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Yup those are it. I never gave eBay a thought to find those, but nice to see there are some available.
I got to thinking I saw those used on the interphone system. So I was curious if they used 300 sets at all, or was it just 500 sets.

long jumper

Thanks for the tip on e bay.Do you think these were used over seas if they were what country ? Iam Looking at the female jack on e bay I think it would be to cool get the female jack and use it if it was actually used for telephone service