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My new AE Dial Unseizing/Cleaing technique

Started by markosjal, January 02, 2021, 05:26:18 AM

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In the last mnth I have had several seized up AE dials.

Here I will write a run-down of the technique that has given me 100% success on 7 or so dials some slow and some seized but all needing some kind of help.

We will need to remove the fingerwheel and number plate.

wipe clean exterior of dial with a clean rag.

Use compressed air to remove dust bunnies and the like.

Wipe out remaining dust/grime with a cotton swabs first dry then wetting it with WD40

Use use  toothpicks to clean all gears. Do not worry if you can not clean these well right now , we will come back to them. We just want to remove loose goo. We want to clean the gear teeth and all around the gears as much as possible.

spray the dial down completely with a can of WD 40. Spray all gears and all surfaces, front and back until it drips. Let it drip out with front side of dial facing downward.

Leave to drip for an hour or more

Wipe it clean again with clean rag, cotton swabs, and clean gears with toothpcs again.

Install a fiingerwheel so we can work the dial if it was seized or had speed issues, you  can help the gears turn with a finger. I have sometimes spent an hour working a previously seized dial. You will often hear the dial speed getting faster and more consistent as you work it, rather than slowing down at the end. 

Whether the dial is moving or not, CAREFULLY remove the stop (this is integrated to the finger stop on some dials). It has 2 screws visible from front of dial to remove it. be sure that the spring does not unwind as this will complicate matters. With stop removed the tiny gear will be displaced and not allow spring to unwind.  Now you can clean the tiny gear that is supported by the stop and the stop itself as well as areas previously hidden under the stop.

Wipe all parts as dry as possible.


if still seized then remove the center spring by pushing it down and rotating it  This will liberate the shaft to come out from the front side.

After removing the spring, you can carefully remove the center shaft for cleaning and lubrication.

Lubricate all parts with 3 in 1 oil applied to a toothpick then to gear shafts gear teeth and moving parts. do not forget the rachet latch on front of dial. Do not use too much oil.

From my experience these dials seize if the tiny gear (supported by stop) gets dirty. In some rare cases I have seen the center shaft seized. 

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