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ATC Integrated Networks for Cradlephones, Chestphones, and Character Phones

Started by 302lover, June 07, 2011, 09:44:50 AM

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I have a couple American Telecommunications (Deco-Tel) phones that have an network with integral switchhook mounted on the phone or "581A" component plate in place of the 425 type PC network and separate switchook used in earlier Deco-Tel sets. They date between 1980 and 1982.

They have all the terminals of a standard network, plus a terminal marked "S",
and terminals numbered "E1 through E8"; {No "T" terminal, though}. There is a version for character phones, and one that fits the "581A" universal component plate character and chestphones use. It is numbered ATC #736659-01.

I do not however have a schematic for it; for either the rotary or tone version.
and the other schematics I've seen for ATC chest and character sets don't match up to the wiring I've found in my sets with the integrated network.

If anyone finds the schematic for these types of ATC network, please post them, or send to the site.