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Free Stuff for the cost of shipping

Started by wds, January 19, 2018, 02:00:37 PM

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This came out of the collection I purchased.  Not sure what any of it is - thought I would offer it for free for the cost of postage for anyone that wants this stuff. 


I do know one thing, none of it is an arcy-sparky bang bang......  ;D

(My brain's useless attempt at a replacement word for "sparkplug" when I forgot the word "sparkplug"!!!)


Dave, that step-shaped gray 95B1 transformer on the far left of the first picture goes with your Touch-A-Matic keyset as the power supply. You posted the keyset in Estate Sale reply #97. I'm not sure exactly how it connects on the back or inside, but the phone won't work without it. It may use station wire to connect, according to the BSP, which is 503-603-101. Or it can connect through the key system, it says, but you still need the transformer to power the unit.

There's also a battery in the phone to retain the settings. That battery is pretty well made. I bought a TAM single line set in a thrift store once and it came with the large 95B1 transformer and the battery still held charge!

Here is a link to the BSP. The one on the TCI site is missing some pages and this one is complete...


Thanks - I'll pull that item out.  Maybe I should research these items a little more carefully.


Maybe the other 2 items that are the same color would also go with it?
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I'd be saving the transformers, you never know when you'll need on for whatever purpose....