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Registration Instructions
« on: February 27, 2009, 06:24:03 PM »
CRPF Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in Classic Rotary Phones, a very exciting and rewarding endeavor.

The Classic Rotary Phones Forum is the best site anywhere for everything and anything telephonic, and even more. Once you become a member, you will have full access to the site's content along with the ability to post comments and ask questions.

To become a member of this forum, there are 2 things you must do:

1)  Complete the membership application
2)  Send an email to the Forum Administrator


1) Complete the membership application

a)  Click this link when you are ready to get to begin the Registration Application process
b)  Read the Forum’s Registration Agreement on the page at that link
c)  Accept the Agreement by clicking the “I accept the terms of the agreement” button at the bottom of the Agreement
d)  Complete the Registration Application page by . . .
e)  . . . entering the member User Name and Password you want to use (remember your user name and password)
f)   . . . entering the displayed captcha letters in the empty box
g)  . . . answering three simple application questions
h)  Finalize your Application by clicking the “Register” button at the bottom of the page

     Immediately after that, you must

2) Send an email to the Forum Administrator

a)  You must send an email to the Forum Administrator to confirm your application
b)  Send it to
c)  The email must include the User Name entered in the application,
d)  and a short description of your intended activity on the forum. For example:

"Hi, I am interested in old telephones.  I currently own a "(telephonic item)" and would like to know more about it . . . "

   . . . and then add more information about your background and your areas of interest on the Forum.

Be sure to INCLUDE the “USER NAME” you entered in your membership application.

That's it, 2 easy steps to becoming a member of the Classic Rotary Phones Forum. When your application is approved, the Forum Administrator will send an email as a reply to your email to confirm your membership approval. You have to send an email to get a reply, simple as that.


Again, thank you for your interest in the Classic Rotary Phones Forum.  We look forward to having you as a member and your participation in the best classic telephone discussion site in the world!

Dennis Markham
Forum Administrator

Please Note: Almost always, registration applications are approved in a matter of a few days, if not sooner, as long as the Registration Application form has been completed AND the introductory email sent to the Forum Administrator at

If more than a few days have passed and you have not received a registration email reply  from the Forum Administrator, please send another e-mail to the above address stating the lack of response. The site gets many requests from "spammers" which are summarily deleted. Without the accompanying e-mail as part of the registration process, there is no way to know if a registration application is legitimate or just another spammer. We hope you understand this problem and the need for both a registration application and a "confirmatory" email simultaneously.
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