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My Modern Novelty Google Voice Phone

Started by markosjal, January 10, 2021, 11:08:30 AM

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As I have no pics yet but this is a Frankephone built in to an early wooden WE ringer box, now with original WE ringer . The Handset is SC and the Dial is AE in chrome fingerwheel.

The box dial, and handset are pretty much as I got it. I removed the internal bell and decorative (only) gongs, and replaced them with the type of bell that originally came in this type of subset box with workiong brass gongs on front . All of the original bell mounting holes were there and worked perfectly. The guts were recently changed out for an AE mini network from a Styleline.

The trick here will be what is inside!

See attached

The ring amplifioer or ring booster is that as seen here (original 3 wire version)

and of course a second standard phone can be wired to it by way of the internal obi200 port(touch tone) or the RotaTone port(pulse).
Phat Phantom's phreaking phone phettish


here are some pics

Ring Amplifier not yet installed.
Phat Phantom's phreaking phone phettish


Box looks more like a Kellogg than a WE.One way to make them usefull.


Might well be. I thought WE because I saw some on ebay like it that seller said was WE . The bell fit right in it though!
Phat Phantom's phreaking phone phettish