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Popping sounds when lifting the handset...

Started by countryman, April 21, 2022, 07:13:50 AM

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... we've all heard about this issue, but this newspaper article seems a bit more odd  8)
A woman lifted the handset of an old phone in an abandoned garden shed, and the phone immediately blew up in a small explosion. Must have been a bit of a surprise? No one seriously harmed, besides the phone apparently.The police investigates however.

Article google translated:

Dortmund: Old phone exploded in the garden shed - LKA in action
First report, Wednesday (April 20), 6 p.m.: (DPA) – When clearing out a garden shed in Dortmund, a woman discovered an old telephone, picked up the receiver out of curiosity – and triggered a small explosion.

As a police spokesman said on Wednesday (April 20), the lady in the unused shed on Kohlensiepenstrasse became aware of the old device with a dial and cable. The deflagration occurred when the receiver was picked up.

According to initial investigations, someone had installed a firecracker, but the device was not designed to cause major damage. The woman was unharmed. The Ruhr News had previously reported.

Police are currently conducting forensic investigations, the spokesman said. An explosives group from the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) was also called in on Tuesday. So far there is no evidence of the perpetrator."



That's a new one, booby-trapping the phone.