Author Topic: Cleaning and refurbishing tips for phone internals  (Read 888 times)

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Cleaning and refurbishing tips for phone internals
« on: February 13, 2012, 02:52:43 PM »
I was hoping that some of the more experienced member of the forum might share some cleaning tips for internal phone parts.  I will list some of my questions but others can add as they see fit.

My questions are for 302 type phones but I am sure would apply to many others

How do you clean a 101A/B induction coil (especially the black part) without removing the lettering.

Same would go for the base.  I use brasso, but always have to shy away from the date markings.  Is there another way to clean this.

How do you re-attach the screen on the base.  What can you use as a replacement screen ?

I have a 352 with a metal (non painted) backing plate that has a little rust.  How can I take off the rust, and then protect the metal from re-rusting ?  (A dremmel, and then what ?)

ringer - what can I use to clean the "tube" part of the ringer ?  (what is the tube part called ?)

switch contacts.  Can I, should I try to clean.  And if so how ?

I am sure there are more, but this is a start.

btw - I have refurbished about 10 WE Model 302's but I would like to learn some better techiques than the ones I am using.

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Re: Cleaning and refurbishing tips for phone internals
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2012, 05:10:04 PM »
as far as cleaning the internal parts, thats tricky. I leave the 101A coil alone, just dust it off with a cloth . I'll take all the screws out and oil the holes with WD40 and then puut the screws back in. as far as the base goes, I remove all the parts and wash the base it a mild soap and water. I'll fill my kitchen sink with warm water, and put a 1/4 cup if dishwasher detergent in the water. cascade and other powder soaps work good on my projects because they don't foam up and clean good for what I do. I wash all the plastic parts in the soap too... any electrical components, I set aside and will just use WD 40 on them if needed. WD40 works good for me, Its a multipurpose oil that I use for alot od differerent things... Read the can, it will tell you what it can be used on.... when it comes to telephones, I'm careful. if the phone has alot of rust, I just clean it up as best as possible, I found that WD40 will help in stopping any further damage to metal if used as a sealer. (though it will wear off after awhile) I restored a 1920's bronze chandelier for a freind and cleaned the metal with wd40, her jaw dropped when she saw what I had done, she loved the results... brought out the color of the metal really nice and cleaned it up good. results vary you experience wont be like mine.... hope this helps!   John


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Re: Cleaning and refurbishing tips for phone internals
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For replacement screen, try this source:
Some other places, such as McMaster-Carr may have screen with the proper mesh. If you want it black like the original you can stain it with Dy-Chem black marking fluid or very thinned black Rustoleum black paint.