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354/352/252 Mounting tricks
« on: February 20, 2012, 09:52:13 AM »
Can anyone tell me the trick to properly mount a WE 354 ?

The mounting holes are in unusual places (compared to modern phones)  I have made several attemps but haven't got it perfect yet.

Should I try to mount with the shell open ?  Is there a template for screw holes in the technical library ?

Any help would be appreciated

btw - I know that there is a $39.95 rear shell attachment to make the phone fit the modular mounting of today, but I would like to know how to mount one of these in the "traditional way".  Thanks !

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Re: 354/352/252 Mounting tricks
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2012, 10:57:50 AM »
The 354 has the same mounting holes on the back as the 554 and both use the same modular mounting back and they both mount the same way on the wall without the modular back. The slots are keyed so that the screw can be inserted in the larger part and then the phone is moved so the screw takes hold in the narrow part of the slot. You have to use screws with heads wide enough so they can be inserted through those holes but not through the slots.

Get a sheet of paper and make yourself a template. There are two slots on the back, one at the top and one at the bottom. You make a large dot at the end of the narrow part of both slots. Be sure to also draw around the back and have the paper square with the phone, so you know where it will sit.

Place the template on the wall at eye level and drive the screws into the holes. You may need a screw anchor on one or both. Tear the paper off the wall once the screws are in. Leave the screws sticking out a half inch or so.

Mount the phone top screw first, by inserting the screw into the large area of the slot and then let it go up all the way to the narrow top part of the slot. Then locate the bottom screw in the larger hole of the bottom slot, which moves side to side. Move it to the narrow part of the slot, making sure the phone is level. Tighten both screws and you have a mounted phone.

On the 354 you will have to do this with the housing open and then close it after it's mounted.
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