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Topic "Reply Number" inconsistency issue using "Newest First" profile option

Started by TelePlay, September 29, 2016, 08:33:37 PM

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A few months ago, in some topic, I noticed a member posted a reply refering to a much earlier reply using the Reply #. When I went to check the reply noted, that reply was one number off.

poplar1 sent me a PM today regarding numbers assigned based on profile options selected.

The profile option in question is the box which when checked places the newest reply at the top of the topic. When not checked, the newest reply is at the end or bottom of the topic.

I check it both ways and discovered that there is a difference of one number in "Reply #" seen. This is what is happening.

By selecting the option of newest reply at the top, all of the "Reply#s" are increased by 1 because by forcing the oldest, the post that created the topic, at the bottom, the software gives shows it as "Reply #1). And the first reply to the topic when using this option becomes "Reply #2" and every reply after that becomes the actual reply + 1.

When not selecting that option, the newest reply is at the end or bottom of the topic and the post that created the topic is first, the oldest is first, and in this case, the original first post that created the topic is not given a "Reply #." Makes sense in that the original topic post is not a reply. When not using this option, each reply is assigned the correct ordinal number, Reply #3 is really the 3rd reply.

So, thanks to poplar1 for asking the question and now we know why the numbers can vary.

I am posting this to make people who use the newest reply first aware that referring to a reply by number will be confusing to other members reading the post if they have their profile set up to show the newest reply last.

These are two screen captures showing the first vs last software numbering effect. (Clicking the images will blow them up a bit)


I don't use "newest first" but I have often wonder why the second post is tagged as "reply 1". Of course there is nothing incorrect about that but things would be much more logical if the initial post was "post 1" and the first reply was "post 2" etc.