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French PTT 1924 evolution & refurb

Started by Etienne, August 18, 2022, 05:15:10 PM

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It is generically called a "PTT 1924", but there were several evolutions:

- 321-1 is the "real" 1924. Parts are easy to identify, thanks to their number (Handset 320-2, 2nd earpiece 320-3) and it existed with 3 different cradle designs. (320-1 = wall version)

- 322-1, Poste 1940, a very rare item (October 1940- June 1941), based on a limited stock (maximum 60 000) of unused army induction coils, to avoid them being plundered by the Germans. This coil was much smaller than the original one, and required a permanent magnet handset, the one from the Marty 1934 was used (309-7). As the induction coil was not a PTT product, it has no PTT number.

- 323-1, from 1941 to at least 1947, with a small induction coil and smaller capacitor. Late versions had 4 black rubber feet instead of brown felt.

... And a refurb by the PTT itself, a 1924/40/41 base with U43 handset & earpiece, possibly internal modifications too, called Appareil mobile (Desk set) modifié BCI-43, refurbed by the Ateliers centraux des PTT (Central Post, Telegraphs and Telephones Ministry workshops).

I feel so sorry to have missed this one. It did not go for too much (well, a bit, but... you know... curiosity...) This one does not have U43 outside parts, but I believe the present handset is not original. the cradle is the early model

By the way, although the handset's general design remained basically unchanged until the end, a variety of tranmitters were developped to improve its reliability. The later ones were used well into the 1980's in almost all french phones.


It seems the same seller ("vatican", funny) has put the object for auction again?