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Transmitter Identification

Started by ....., May 14, 2017, 08:18:47 PM

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I picked up this 1978 dates matching Northern Telecom 2500 with an odd transmitter installed. Can anyone identify it? There are no marking on the base bottom to identify the model of this phone.


 I think I have the answer to this mystery phone. I emailed the lady I got it from and this was her response. "My dad was a chemist with Nortel for 28 years, at the Lachine (Cable Division) plant. He delighted in visiting the scrap barrels on his lunch hour and he may well have cobbled together a working phone out of parts; I wouldn't have known the difference. He once put a switch in a Contempra handset (no base) - it didn't ring but it was otherwise perfectly functional. :)" So was it a prototype / test phone taken out of the scrap barrel or a cobbled together phone from parts?