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Tamara or other asian dial disassembly?????

Started by markosjal, May 24, 2017, 06:57:42 PM

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I have had this old plastic french style phone that I got somewhere. It has been around for many years untouched. It is probably from the 70s but hard to tell for sure but all plastic with the cheap brass finish coating coming off.

I want to clean the dial and can  not seem to identify how to get the fingerwheel off.

See attached photos.

The last photo is of the mini network in the event that helps in identifying it.

Maybe someone may have a suggestion of what to do for this phone since the cheap brass looking finish is coming off the plastic. Should I paint ALL the pieces?

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It is probably Japanese.  I expect that the dial center retainer ring is held in place in a way similar to an AE dial and the finger wheel is held by a screw in the center also like AE.



Just FYI I was able to pry out the acetate disc and number card . There is no retainer ring, that ring is integrated into the figerwheel.  Upon removal this is a round acetate with "ears" . Later I discovered there are slots in the back of the dial that coincide with the "ears" on the acetate probably to push it out from behind.
Phat Phantom's phreaking phone phettish